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“So many people want to get strong without working: many people want to win without working. There’s just no way in this world that you can. If an individual isn’t willing to work in the weight room, then that person isn’t going to be willing to work on the athletic field. You win in the weight room when you’re tired and worn out and you’re exhausted; that is when the championships are made.”  

- Lou Holtz

The football program has, at its very foundation, a commitment to overall body conditioning and core strength. Since the inception in 1975 of our Power Conditioning program under the leadership of Steve Nunnink, physical strength has been a Warrior standard and trademark. Nunnink, the 2000 National Strength Coach of the Year, designed the program, and mentored those who guide it today. People such as Chet Stevenson, Scott Parsons, Kay Weiss, Tom Anderson, Steve Pelkey, Mike Zauhar, Dave Stengrim, and many, many others, all were coached and mentored by Steve. They are outstanding people, and excellent instructors. We are fortunate, also, to have outstanding strength facilities at Forestview and Brainerd High School. Please share our commitment to strength.

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The Warrior Strength and SAQ (Speed, Agility and Quickness) program is open to all students entering grades 9-12, male and female. This program will put an emphasis on explosive strength and speed. Participants may choose which strength session they would like to attend. There are 3 options, fee covers attendance at any session, however please register for the strength session that the athlete is MOST likely to attend regularly. The speed, agility, quickness session will be run between the morning strength sessions from 7:50-8:25am.


Classes begin on June 10 and end July 26

Three Different Sessions Available

Session #1 - Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, 7-7:50am
Session #2 - Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, 8:25-9:15am
Session #3 - Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, 6-7:30pm (no SAQ)

Cost: $60 (Up to 30 Sessions)


Register through Community Education

Click Here to Register

Class Number: 6501B


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